Decentralized Secure and anonymous cryptocurrency

Instant untraceable encrypted messages.
Secure CPU efficient ASIC resistant mining.
Blockchain deposits with interest.
  • Anonymous & Untraceable
  • Messaging & file transfer
  • Deposit for Interest up to 3% per year

What is UltraNote?

UltraNote is much more than a coin, it is a lifestyle facilitator and a business partner. With UltraNote anyone, anywhere at any time, can execute instant borderless fund transfer, send instant messages and deposit coins for interest. UltraNote ecosystem has been developed on top of the cutting edge CryptoNote blockchain distinctively for unchallenged confidential financial transaction, messaging as well as file transfer. In addition to private usage, UltraNote coin is furthermore a strategic tool for both start-up as well as mature companies to accelerate growth by offering strategic business facilities that save both time and financial resources.

Until today there has been no proven confidential avenue for private individuals as well as high profile organisations to either message their peers/ associates or transfer files. With UltraNote both private users as well as high profile organisations dealing with confidential clients’ information will have the opportunity to not only optimize the level of privacy they operate with but also cut costs by reducing friction costs. For instance with UltraNote Coin it is easy to outsource the organisation’s communication infrastructure. No servers costs, no courier fees to transfer confidential files, lower friction costs matched with even lower transaction costs.


UltraNote Coin is a complete Solution for your Payment, messaging, file transfer and day to day financial needs. UltraNote Coin services are being developed to be fully integrated on 99% of our daily electronic devices. To stay true to the ‘’Anytime –Anywhere’’ assertion, UltraNote Coin is already or will be available on the following platforms:
  • Desktop GUI wallet: Windows, Linux and Mac (Fully Operational)
  • Mobile Wallet: IOS & Android coming soon please check roadmap section

Download XUN Wallet

Windows x64 GUI
Version 1.0.17-beta
Version 1.0.17-beta
Linux x64 GUI
Version 1.0.17-beta


Launch of UltraNote 1st UltraNote XUN block was Mined.
Exchange Listing Stocks Listed on mid-size with XUN/BTC, XUN/ETH and XUN/LTC Pairs.
CLI Wallets Release Release of UltraNote CLI wallet x64 for Windows and Linux.
Wallets Upgrade Upgrading CLI Wallets to GUI Wallets with new improved versions of UltraNote Wallets and same time releasing UltraNote Win32 version and MAC GUI Wallets.
Partnership with Cheddur App Listed on Cheddur App one of the best mobile apps to compare Cryptocoins. For long time have UltraNote reserved 1st place.
September 2017
XUN Pools creation Added more mining pools to the miners community to make it easier to find blocks.
First HardFork First hardfork in UltraNote Blockchain due to the attacks the network has been receiving.
Partnership with Check-coin Online Store Check-coin is Online Store form of a new generation that offers goods for Cryptocurrency.
January 2018
New Design For UltraNote Official Websites New release of UltraNote official websites in many languages. English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Swedish.
February 2018
Release of UltraNote Marketplace Release of UltraNote marketplace to sell goods and services for XUN coin at .
Exchange Listing TradeOgre Listed on mid-size TradeOgre with XUN/BTC Pairs.
Added File Attachment Added encrypted files as attachment to the messaging feature in the Desktop GUI wallet.
March 2018
New CLI Wallet Version Release of a New UltraNote CLI wallet x64 for Windows with UltraNote Zedwallet and many new features.
LWMA-1 HardFork LWMA-1 hardfork and improvement to UltraNote Blockchain with new difficulty algo and timestamps.
Partnership with SCAVO Partnership with SCAVO technologies sustainable mining farms. XUN will be accepted to trade SCAVO tokens.
July 2018
Coin Market Cap listing Listed on well known crypto compare and price website Coin Market Cap.
Pools & Explorer update Major update to UltraNote pools and explorer software with modification to its web interface.
LWMA-2 HardFork LWMA-2 hardfork and improvement to UltraNote Blockchain with new difficulty algo and timestamps to update previous difficulty algo LWMA-1.
POW HardFork POW fork from CryptoNight original algo to CryptoNight Light v1 algo to block ASICs and give more support to small CPU miners.
August 2018
LWMA-3 HardFork Modified  LWMA-3 hardfork and improvement to UltraNote Blockchain with new modified difficulty algo and timestamps to update previous difficulty algo LWMA-2.
New GUI Wallet Version New GUI wallet version 1.0.16-beta with many fixes and improvements, Also added new option for remote node.
November 2018
Release of UltraNote Mobile APP Plans to release UltraNote Wallet mobile app with as many features as possible both for Android and IOS.
March 2019

Our Goals

Bring together Security, Anonymity, Marketplaces & Finance.

The ultimate goal of UltraNote Coin is to be an all-in-one solution by offering a wide array of services geared towards privacy, security, finance and communication.
Our vision and mission is to allow any UltraNote Coin user to enjoy a trusted ecosystem where privacy and confidentiality stay a priority while performing financial transactions, messaging their peers and transferring files. Furthermore the deposit for interest facility makes UltraNote the ideal coin for the 2.5 Billion unbankable people worldwide. Try to deposit 10 USD at the bank and you will be laughed at and told that your deposit would be swallowed by fees within 6 months. In other words your 10 USD has not value to the bank. With UltraNote Coin your 10 USD has as much value as 1000 USD. With this approach UltraNote Coin gives everybody an equal opportunity for real financial advancements in life and grow their net worth within their own terms.



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