An Internet Privacy Solution on Blockchain

  • Wallet-Integrated CPU Mining
  • 3% APR Wallet Deposit Facility
  • SHA-2048 Encrypted IPFS File Transfer
  • Wallet-Integrated Privacy Search Engine
  • Easy Efficient CPU-GPU ASIC Resistant Mining
  • Wallet-Integrated TOR Web Browser
  • Anonymous Untraceable Encrypted Messaging

What is XUNI?

UltraNote Infinity (XUNI) Proof-of-Work (POW) blockchain network provides anonymous untraceable payments with an instantaneous encrypted messaging service (up to 100 Mb). With a maximum available twenty-one million coins, the UltraNote Infinity ecosystem securely transmits and receives digital payments via its cutting-edge CryptoNote algorithm blockchain technology, ensuring confidential low-cost P2P transactions. The truly decentralized XUNI privacy-coin network is typically mined with excess or under-utilized desktop computer background processing, using its highly efficient peer-to-peer encryption algorithms. Completely anonymous and untraceable, anyone, anywhere, at any time, can use the private UltraNote Infinity network to execute instant borderless private fund transfers, send encrypted instant messages with SHA-2048 encrypted files via the IPFS Protocol and deposit their mined coins for 3% APR returns, all within its native wallet.

In addition to private personal usage, UltraNote Infinity is a powerful strategic business tool for organizations requiring secure instantaneous transfers of sensitive client data, internal private communications, or discreet untraceable payments. XUNI is a low-cost, hackproof, encrypted communication and payment system requiring no server costs, no 3rd-party hosting fees, no courier fees, nor expensive communication network setup and maintenance costs. Better yet, in all probability, existing company desktop PCs could easily mine sufficient XUNI coins to not only cover expenses but actually generate surplus.


With its own wallet-based Tor browser, UltraNote Infinity is a comprehensive online privacy solution to an increasingly intrusive Internet, with the potential to fulfill your day-to-day payment, messaging and file transfer needs as the world continues migrating into a freely competitive arena for individual monetary choices. With the XUNI mobile wallet release scheduled for 2022, UltraNote Infinity is being developed to be fully integrated across most of our daily electronic devices. To enable and support XUNI’s Anytime Anywhere assertion, the XUNI network is already or will be available on the following platforms:

  • Desktop GUI Wallet: Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Mobile Wallet: IOS and Android coming soon (please check roadmap section)


Windows x64 CLI
Version 1.0.8
Windows x64 GUI
Version 1.0.9
MacOS x64 GUI
Version 1.0.8
Cloud Wallet
Version 2.0


UltraNote Infinity Platform Refactoring Refactoring UltraNote platform codebase based on CryptoNote V.2. Security improvements and more features to be added.
March 2020
Launching Mainnet Launching mainnet to do proper testing for wallets and mining pools. Coins generated will be used to do coin swap for XUN holders.
May 2020
Release of UltraNote Infinity GUI Wallets Release of new UltraNote Infinity GUI wallets with new features and new design.
June 2020
UltraNote Infinity Discord Wallet Release of UltraNote Infinity Discord wallet, A Mobile friendly wallet for fast transactions.
August 2020
GUI wallet upgrade 1.0.3 New version of our GUI wallet released, New version includes wallet enhancement for better performance and faster load. Bug fixes. Added Fiat value to the wallet balance. Added new notifications. Added language support for Russian, Turkish and Chinese.
December 2020
UltraNote Infinity Cloud Release Release of UltraNote Cloud, An online web based wallet for XUNI coin.
March 2021
UltraNote Infinity on Binance smart chain Added UltraNote Infinity token bXUNI to Binance smart chain.
June 2021
UltraNote Infinity Cloud Messaging Release Release of UltraNote Infinity encrypted cloud messaging with up to 100Mb file transfer.
November 2021
Listing UltraNote Infinity Vuollet Mobile Wallet Listing of UltraNote Infinity on Vuollet mobile wallet app.
UltraNote Infinity on Fantom Network Added UltraNote Infinity token $FXUNI to Fantom network.
December 2021
UltraNote Infinity Mobile Wallet Release Release of UltraNote Infinity mobile app for XUNI coin with basic functionality. Send/receive and store coins.
March 2022
UltraNote Infinity Mobile Messaging Release Release of UltraNote Infinity mobile encrypted messaging with file transfer up to 100 Mb.
April 2022
UltraNote Infinity Cloud Chat Release Release of UltraNote Infinity encrypted cloud Chat.
September 2023
UltraNote Infinity Mobile Chat Release Release of UltraNote Infinity encrypted Mobile Chat.
October 2023
UltraNote Infinity Cloud Deposit Release Release of UltraNote Infinity cloud deposit.
February 2024
UltraNote Infinity Mobile Deposit Release Release of UltraNote Infinity mobile deposit.
April 2024
UltraNote Infinity Cloud Billing Release Release of UltraNote Infinity encrypted cloud billing and merchant tools.
July 2024
UltraNote Infinity Mobile Billing Release Release of UltraNote Infinity mobile billing with merchant tools.
December 2024

Our Goals

Bringing together security, affordability, accessibility, anonymity, marketplaces and finance, UltraNote Infinity allows XUNI privacy coin users to enjoy a trusted ecosystem where privacy remains a priority whether messaging a friend or transferring sensitive files. Furthermore, the built-in wallet deposit facility offers a low-cost banking alternative for over 2.5 billion people worldwide. With UltraNote Infinity, everybody has an equal opportunity for real financial advancement in life by growing their net worth within their own terms and without costly recurring bank fees.









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